” Believe in Loves infinite journey, for it is your own , for you are Love ”
” Believe in Loves infinite journey,
for it is your own , for you are Love ”

State Of Mind Is Everything – Lorraine Alder   Know yourself to be yourself

Lorraine Alder

My beliefs came from the fundamental basis of respect for both individuals and the planet. Empathy accompanies respect. All is energy there is nothing else. Self Knowledge is Power.

I have been communicating with spirit since childhood.

I am an intuitive healer and help balance mind, body and spirit. My developing work as quantum healer enables me to include communication with the universal information, encouraging self-healing and empowerment. With my Reiki skills I channel light for the highest good to bring healing and love. Most of understand and knowledge of onself.

Intuitive Healer – Reiki Master – Aurora Practitioner – Bringing Mind , body and spirit Balance.

About Lorraine

Lorraine Alder’s psychic talent covers a vast spectrum in the psychic world. Not only is she a medium and clairvoyant but also she is also an advanced in the science and mechanics of Spiritual Healing and is also a member of Holistic Healers Association International. Lorraine is a Reiki / Seichim Master / Teacher, Magnified Healing Teacher, Aurora Practitioner (Magnetic Crystal Sound Healing), Colour Reader, Card Reader, Free Will Therapist and deals with Entity Removal and Spirit Rescue.

Teaching the fundamental Spiritual Laws & Cosmic Ordering is a big part of Lorraine’s psychic life. Her unique teachings can help you see what works and what doesn’t in your existence. She give you insights into how The Law of Attraction, Reflection, Karma and more spiritual laws work in your life and uses her gifts and knowledge of the Natural laws and cosmic ordering with great success. This particular area of Lorraine’s teachings is very popular and is growing in interest in the minds of the public since 2006 and each year. In essence, Lorraine, though these skills, assists you become more your ‘Divine Self’. She teaches others to develop their psychic gifts and currently, she is running a development group, helping artists open up to clairvoyance and more divine inspiration. She is always research the Quantum theories to bring about the union of science and spirituality.

Lorraine works with and is passionate about the new generation of Indigo and crystal children. These are sensitive and psychic children that need to be help and understanding. They have many gifts to offer the world. Of which Lorraine has first hand experience with he own two boys.

Lorraine has transgressed over to cooperate occasions in her teachings as a Psychic Corporate Advisor. She can link in to what may be holding your business back and offers recommendations to improve businesses.

Lorraine has celebrity clients and is called upon to help launch new products with her amazing gift. She has recently been asked to read by the way of Clairsentience (flower reading)’ My Morgan Press launch ‘ in London for a brand new perfume!!! Her ability to endorse Celebrity products. She can also launch you on your path to success..

Lorraine is also a featured Nominee of The International Paranormal acknowledgement Awards…

Lorraine links with your energy. She continues to work with this link and with the divine intelligence, and information is given about you. Many things will be given to you, to understand what’s happening in your life now and in the future. Whilst Lorraine is reading for you, she can see the quantum path of possibilities for you. Lorraine often uses tarot cards in a reading. These are used just as a tool to highlight certain aspects / situations that need to be addressed.

Apart from regularly appearing on Psychic TV programs and currently appears on Sky’s Psychic & Soul Channel 885.Lorraine has been involved in high profile charity work, more recently aiding with the Tsunami effort. This was discussed with Julie Madock, BBC Radio Kent, as well giving insights to past, present and future for the host and crew. Lorraine has featured in magazines and has recently been showcased in, Chat it’s Fate a monthly psychic advice and true-life stories magazine. Lorraine has also written articles on Healing for Quest monthly magazine. Look out for Lorraine’s up and coming articles she has written for SNi : Spiritualist News, international.

Additions featuring Lorraine’s work in the field of Spirit Rescue and Mediumship.


Lorraine Alder MHHAI is a Holistic Healer Certificate received 17.04.2004 and a Certificate in the Science and mechanics of spiritual healing 01.02.2004 A Member Of The Holistic Healers Association International Since 2004. Holistichealers.ssc@tiscali.co.uk

Lorraine completed the Aurora foundation course in December 2003 and later became an Aurora Practitioner in March 2004. Aurora Magnetic Crystal Sound Healing. Jan Linch Aurora Principal/Director A.M.C.S.H.T P.M.I.A.C.T A.S.A. Dip. Aurora Therapies Website www.aurora-therapies.co.uk

Lorraine Alder Magnified Healing® Lorraine has been Initiated as a Master Teacher in Magnified Healing – 18.06.2004

Healing with and in the same way as “The Masters”. Lorraine as completed the Third Phase Of ‘Light’ Healing in October 2004

Magnified Healing®

What makes Magnified Healing® different to any other Healing – is that you co-create the healing energy with the Divine and the Healing is not channelled in the usual way. Usually, people in need of healing would seek a healer, shaman, priest, temple, physician or other place to receive healing and with most vibrational healing methods, the healing is channeled and directed through the healer.

Lorraine Alder Usui Shiki Ryoho – First Degree Reiki taken 09.10.2002

Lorraine Alder Usui Shiki Ryoho – Second Degree Reiki taken 14.02.2003

Lorraine Alder Reiki/Seichim – Rekiki & Seichim Master taken 31.03.2004

Angel Lorraine Alder – Dark angel work Lorraine can do spirit possession, entity removal, spirit rescue.

Career ~

Lorraine Alder
Sales & marketing
SE Tractors Ltd
Previous Experiences..
Lorraine as assistant in studio live with an innovative and forward thinking media company. As the studio’s TV assistant/presenter she has ideally had experience in TV stations. Lorraine will be able to turn shoots and edits around quickly, but also to a high quality. Live TV Shows Lorraine keeps the Show running at its best qualitiy & also identifys & improve the shows …. helping with all creative input.

Lorraine Presenter –
Lorraine presents something different– Edge Media Television is an alternative broadcaster, based in the UK. You can find us on Sky Channel 200 if you are in UK, and we will be shortly transmitting around the globe via this website
Increasing numbers of people throughout the world are experiencing a new awareness, reaching beyond scientific, religious and historical doctrines; rejecting dogma and people through hearts and higher purpose. The world greatly needs individuals and organizations devoted to expressing and supporting the many facets of this new awareness.

Lorraine has celebrity clients and is called upon to help launch new products with her amazing gift. She has recently been asked to read by the way of Clairsentience.’ My Morgan Press launch ‘ in London for a brand new perfume!!! Her ability to endorse Celebrity products. She can also launch you on your path to success..

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Company Name SE Tractors Ltd
Dates Employed Apr 2015 – Present Employment Duration 2 yrs 1 mo

Photography , Editorials, Promotion , Sales , Customer Service, Creative Design, Writing, News, videos & research.


lorraine alder.com
Company Name Lorraine alder.com
Dates Employed Jan 2011 – Present Employment Duration 6 yrs 4 months
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Location Maidstone
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Maidsone TV Studio
Company Name Maidsone TV Studio
Dates Employed Feb 2012 – Jun 2013 Employment Duration 1 yr 5 mos
Location Maidstone Kent
Edge Media TV
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Dates Employed Mar 2009 – Jan 2011 Employment Duration 1 yr 11 mos
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Park Lane College
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