Some use love to gain popularity others love from he heart

The heart is a magnetic vortex through which the blessings of all essences and potentialities are received, integrated, and focused into living. Through the laws of electromagnetism, that power is converted into life energy. The heart, being essentially magnetic, functions best through innocent awareness which attracts and receives. Acts of judgment, which divide and repel, will shut the door of the heart behind you. If you would make the heart strong, you must first learn to perceive with innocence, accept, and forgive. As you empower the heart it will open to you. At first, you may simply notice this change as more passion for living, more peaceful sleep, or better digestion of food The heart is the center of your health and quality of living, therefore those things will be addressed first. As you progress in your affirmations of the heart, however, your life will begin to have more abundant fruits, and you will have the energy needed to make more dramatic changes. Eventually, what you gain from your heart visitations will surpass your wildest dreams. There will be levels of energy which are transformational and transmutational.”~ From Love without end