Higher self Awareness

IMG_3231Life ..In every given situation you are in negative or positive

… .. its a belief system ,  a subconscious programme that has brought you to this very moment in your life.

Many find themselves stuck in terrible and confusing situations. They may get though it but it reoccurs again in many forms further down the line… Effecting ones wellbeing and peace of mind.

It is our logical  mind that tries to make sense of a unwanted situation, going over and over until it consumes every thought, often getting stuck in a loop of confusion ..why me? How did I get here again ?  Roleplaying the situation and imaginary sinareo’s.. exhausting.. ..Waking in the glare of disbelief.


Yet both your mind and subconscious cannot often be of help because there are influenced by your past, the programming and your given beliefs.

Knowing you don’t want to be in the drama of a negative situation, unwittingly and unconsciously you have invited  scary/bulling/challenges and possibly invited manipulative individuals into your life. Very upsetting and lonely place to have arrived. You are not powerless and help is at hand in many ways ..

Lorraine can help you see clearly how you arrived in the situation you are in today. This knowledge is power.

Time for some powerful self awareness and advice..  Higher Self Awareness Therapy …


Life will often repeated similar negative events in different guises throughout your whole  life,  until you bring the belief / program to light finally.

Lorraine can see what is going on in your energy field and the patterns. She can see and feel intuitively what’s going on in your field, discuss with you why things have come about, the history you may have buried and forgotten.

Understanding just how you have developed/suppressed a belief program which challenges you and allows negative and often destructive things into your life.

She can highlight the reasons and the events that have led up to this occurrence by linking into the energy around your and current situation. It all begins to make sense.


This amazing ability to look at the issues leading up to the problem,  in itself can truly help you to dissolve and resolve the pattern once and for all.

The mind is freed from confusion and you can set about rewriting a new positive beliefs for your subconscious mind at last.

Progressing forward Lorraine can look how you can gain wisdom. Once wisdom is gained it cannot be forgotten.. and changing your mindset for the better….  Thus commencing a better journey and enabling new positive beliefs. Ultimately healing and understanding .

There will be a light bulb moment !! …  Catalyst for change!!

The ability to entre Field of the quantum – the field of infinite possibilities

Final step is for Lorraine to look clairvoyantly at the opportunities you can have.  Helping transform your situation and the ability to set yourself on a path of potential positive outcomes. Not only that but to clear the space to attract amazing things into your life..


Clarity to finally see your true beauty and full potential and for you to heal and shine.

Know yourself on every level..

A helping hand to gently guide you and to allow the grace for healing ..Resetting and putting you back on your own personal souls perfect journey.

In love light and learning ….. Sheading light on every dark situation…

Unity Consciousness

All thats good ..