The world does not move

through time … as if it were a

straight line, …

proceeding from the past to

the future.

Instead time moves through …

and within us, …. in endless spirals.

Eternity does not mean infinite time,

…. but simply timelessness

The Forty Rules of Love

We are human

You are all perfect and expanding; you are all adored and worthy; you are all here having your exposure to experiences and doing the best that you can from where you are. You have not been sent here in a test or trial; you’re here as creators as part of an expanding Universe. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have, at the root of that which you are, Well-Being, and then have that same root of Well-Being have the capacity to pronounce you evil. It is vibrationally impossible. That judging, vengeful God is manufactured from humans’ place of deepest despair. ~ Abraham Hicks

All thats good ..